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Free Superior Orders 50. Other 4,95.

Free Superior Orders 50 ? Rest 6,95 ?

Free Superior Orders 90 euros. Rest 9.95

Free Superior Orders 90 ?. Rest 9,95 ?.


Free Superior Orders 90 ?. Rest 14,95 ?.

Free Superior Orders 90 ?. Rest 19,95 ?.

6. Returns and right of withdrawal

6.1. Returns due to production defects.

The User may return to NANNA FOLK, free of charge, any product with a manufacturing defect. Taking into account the nature of the products contracted, the User will have a period of one month from the date of

knowledge of the lack of conformity of the product to communicate to NANNA FOLK its lack of conformity with the same. If this period is exceeded, any damages will be assumed by the User.

The return of products that have manufacturing defects in them, will not involve any additional cost to the user.

To formalize the return, the User must contact NANNA FOLK within the period of one month by e-mail to

the following address administració indicating the product or products to be returned, attaching a photograph and a detailed list of the defects found in them.

Once NAOLA has received the User's communication, it will inform the User within 3-5 working days whether or not to return the product. In the event of a return, the User will be informed of the way in which the defective product is collected or sent to their offices/warehouses.

Each product to be returned must be unused and with all its labels, packaging and -where appropriate-, documentation and original accessory items that came with it. If the User does not proceed in this way, NANNA FOLK reserves the right to refuse the return.

In the event that for reasons of lack of stock could not proceed to send another product of identical characteristics, the User may choose to terminate the contract (ie, the return of amounts paid) or request the sending of another model that the User voluntarily chooses.

The delivery of the product of identical characteristics or of the new model that the User chooses, as the case may be, will take place within the next 3-5 working days from the date on which NANNA FOLK confirmed to the User the replacement of the defective product or the shipment of the new model.

The substitution, the sending of a new model or the termination of the contract will not imply additional expenses for the User.

The return will be made in the same way as the payment was made.

6.2. Withdrawal.

In the event that the User is not satisfied with the products received in his order, the User, in accordance with

the General Law for the Defence of Consumers and Users, will have a period of 30 days from the date of delivery of the order.

Exceptions: The return or exchange period for orders placed from November 27 to January 6 is up to January 30, or one month from the date of delivery if later

The user may return the entire order or, if he prefers, may return any of the products that make up the total order and all without any penalty and without having to indicate the reasons.

However, the User shall be responsible for the direct cost of return to NANNA FOLK, whether you return the order in full or if you decide to return only some of the products in the order.

To formalize the return, you must send an email to the following email address administració Once this communication has been received, you will be given the address and you will be able to choose the delivery method of your choice.

Nanna Folk is not responsible for the courier company that the user contracts for the return of the order. In this sense, the User is recommended to require the courier company to provide proof of delivery once the courier has deposited the product at the address indicated, so that the User is aware that the product has been delivered correctly.

The costs of returning the order (e.g. shipping costs via courier companies) will be borne directly by the User.

The product must be unused and with all its labels, packaging and -where appropriate-, documentation and original accessory items that came with it. If the User does not proceed in this manner or if the product has

suffered any damage, the User accepts that the product may suffer a depreciation or that Nanna Folk may refuse the return.

Once Nanna Folk receives the order and verifies that it is in good condition, it will proceed to return all amounts paid by the User.

If the User decides to return the order, Nanna Folk will return to the User all the amounts paid by the User (except shipping costs).

The term of the refund of the amount paid shall not exceed 14 calendar days from the date the User decided to terminate the contract.

7. Product Change Policy

In the event that the customer wants to make a product change, you should contact Nanna Folk at the email address info@nannafolk.comfrom where you will receive precise instructions.